Navy Veteran Launches Family Business to Aid Veterans, Disabled in Florida

Robert Sok, a former U.S. Navy serviceman, opens 101 Mobility of Jacksonville with his three sons.

It’s funny how life can come full circle: Veteran Robert Sok, along with his three sons, opened 101 Mobility of Jacksonville on July 6th. The business will provide veterans, just like himself, with equipment and services to meet their mobility needs.

“I see these people when I go to the VA myself,” Robert explained. “I’m compassionate and understanding why veterans would need products like these.”

"We look at our 101 Mobility of Jacksonville as the only place you need to go. We're confident we can take care of your needs."

Robert Sok, Owner of 101 Mobility of Jacksonville

Robert said 101 Mobility of Jacksonville provides a “one stop shop” for its customers: able to sell, service, and install a wide variety of products. Serving Northeast Florida – areas such as Jacksonville, Gainesville, and St. Augustine – the business offers stair lifts, auto lifts, ramps, and other devices to help seniors and disabled individuals.

“We hope to be able to meet their mobility needs and give them a better quality of life,” Robert said. “We look at our 101 Mobility of Jacksonville as the only place you need to go. We’re confident we can take care of your needs.”  

Robert, who served two terms in Vietnam with the U.S. Navy, has over 30 years’ experience as an independent businessman. Working in various sectors of electronic manufacturing, he’s excited about the possibilities of the mobility industry. “I see the need and see that demand is continuing to grow. People would rather age in place in their own homes.”

James Sok, Robert’s son, helps to run the business in a variety of ways: one of which is by keeping things organized. “If the company’s not organized, then the service goes down the tubes,” James laughed.

With a background in project management and in the electronics/communication field, James does a little bit of everything: keeping up with the finances and even helping out on installations. “Good organization leads to good service,” James illustrated.  

Michael Sok, another son of Robert, is working as the company’s main installer. With a degree in electronics and a background in customer service, Michael’s confident his skills will transfer over into the business.

“I’m pretty good with the technical work of what we’re actually doing,” Michael said. “Also, with my background in the service industry, I know how to serve our customers well.”   

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