Jeff, Lisa Franklin offer exciting Philips Lifeline products to cities in Ohio, Michigan

A first in the mobility industry, 101 Mobility franchisees Jeff and Lisa Franklin are now presenting Philips Lifeline products to residents of Ohio and Michigan.

Jeff and Lisa Franklin, husband-and-wife franchisees of 101 Mobility, are excited to announce an array of Philips Lifeline products available to residents of Cleveland, Columbus, Detroit, and Ann Arbor.

101 Mobility, a full-service company that deals with mobility and accessibility solutions, recently announced its decision to make Philips Lifeline products available to its customers. Philips Lifeline is a medical alert service that is designed to reduce risks for seniors and those living with disabilities. In case of a fall or accident, help is available at the push of a button.

"We think (Philips Lifeline) is going to be a great addition. Not only is it a great fit for us, but it will be a great help for our customers."

Jeff Franklin, Owner of 101 Mobility of Cleveland, Columbus, Detroit, and Ann Arbor

On average, one of every three adults over 65 experiences a fall every year, making it the most common cause of death and injury at home.

“They don’t have to worry or have that fear factor all of the time,” said Jeff Franklin, owner of 101 Mobility of Cleveland, Columbus, Detroit, and Ann Arbor. “They don’t have to worry about a fall or about getting from place to place.”

Being the first of the 101 Mobility franchises to sign on to selling Philips Lifeline products, Franklin saw a great value in having their service. Since 101 Mobility works directly with accessibility options, Franklin says he definitely noticed a correlation between the two industries.  

“We were looking for other products to offer in the home. What we were finding out in our conversations was there seemed to be a need for products such as Lifeline,” he said. “We’re in the business of helping people… We’re always looking for a complimentary product to go along with what our customers may need.”

Hoping his company will become a one stop shop for his current and potential customers, Franklin said it’s important to build a relationship with his clientele. “It just gives us one more thing to offer; plus it’s a convenience for our customers… It’s one less company that they have to have in their home.”

Aside from the at-home products (such as HomeSafe), Lifeline offers GoSafe, a product line that allows users to seek help in case of an accident while traveling. With a two-way wireless speaker to Philip’s Response Associates and six built-in locating technologies, GoSafe gives active seniors a sense of safety no matter where they go.

“You don’t have to be in your home; you can go out,” Franklin explained. “If you’re a frequent traveler, now there’s options for you. If something happens, they’ll find you.”

“We think (Philips Lifeline) is going to be a great addition. Not only is it a great fit for us, but it will be a great help for our customers,” he added.

Lifeline by Philips is now available through 101 Mobility of Cleveland, 101 Mobility of Columbus, 101 Mobility of Ann Arbor, and 101 Mobility of Detroit. Interested readers in any of these locations may learn more information via their website or by calling their local 101 Mobility franchise.  

About 101 Mobility

101 Mobility is a full-service franchise business that specializes in mobility and accessibility equipment. Products include stair lifts, ramps, auto lifts, patient lifts, pool lifts, bath lifts, vertical platform lifts, and more. Visit to learn more.

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About Philips Lifeline

With over 700,000 subscribers and 35 years of experience, Philips Lifeline is one of the most trusted names in the medical alert service industry. Designed to reduce the risk of living alone, seniors and those suffering from disabilities are able to receive help in the event of an accident at the push of a button. For a little more than a dollar a day, Philips Lifeline provides 24/7 accessibility, supporting independence and providing peace of mind. Visit for more information.


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