101 Mobility's first-ever Installer of the Year Award given to Christopher DiMarco

Christopher DiMarco, an installer at 101 Mobility of San Jose, won the first-ever Installer of the Year Award for embodying "the standards and the ethics which 101 Mobility stands for."

Christopher DiMarco, from San Jose, California, was awarded the first annual Installer of the Year Award at this year’s 101 Mobility Gala Awards Banquet on June 6th at the Blockade Runner Beach Resort on Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina.

This award was presented to the installer that fully embodies a role model in their workplace, home, and community.

"Coming from being a volunteer/reserve firefighter, working with the elderly and disabled really seems to fit in with my needs in a career."

Christopher DiMarco, 101 Mobility's Installer of the Year

DiMarco was nominated by his franchise owner, Virgil Moore, from 101 Mobility of San Jose. DiMarco was unable to receive his award in person; however, Moore accepted it upon his behalf. An acceptance speech from DiMarco was prerecorded and shown at the award ceremony.

“Although I couldn’t be there today, I just wanted to let you all know that I feel very honored to receive an Installer of the Year award,” DiMarco stated in the video. “It means a lot to me; and I hope for another good year.”

“Going the extra mile to find a better, more efficient way to do a job comes second nature to Chris,” Moore said. “He lives by the standards and the ethics which 101 Mobility stands for.”

DiMarco, not one to leave well enough alone, created a number of documents to help educate clients about their 101 Mobility products, and even designed a custom dolly to move heavy vertical platform lifts into their final positions.

“Shortly after working, I found I’m my own boss out in the field. You’ve got to learn the product. You’ve got to be the expert on the product,” DiMarco said. “And having a company such as 101 (Mobility) stand behind you as a family, you really get to include this feedback that you see out there (and) improve on the products. And then you get to see these changes again in the field with future installs.”

“He even came to work day after day while trying to pass a kidney stone!” Moore exclaimed. “We were amazed that he would continue to work during that time.”

DiMarco, who maintains a perfect attendance, comes from a varied professional background: everything from working as a commercial fisherman to as a certified fire fighter.

“I first found 101 Mobility looking for a career. I’ve had a lot of jobs, a lot of volunteering experience, a lot of part-time work. But I knew I wanted to find a career,” DiMarco said. “Coming from being a volunteer/reserve firefighter, working with the elderly and disabled really seems to fit in with my needs in a career."

“Once, on his way to a job, (DiMarco) witnessed an auto accident. He stopped and utilized his firefighter training to calm the injured driver, holding her C-spine to stabilize the woman’s neck and spine to prevent any further injuries,” Moore said.

According to Moore, his business would not be where it is today without the aid of DiMarco. “He has a wonderful way of connecting to people and he brings a measure of fun and innovation to the office that makes coming to work a pleasure.”

“One of the things that I like about working with 101 Mobility is that I have the chance and opportunity to make those changes, make it right for the customer,” DiMarco added in his acceptance speech. “And looking back, it’s no surprise to me that I am where I’m at now, working with 101 Mobility, because I get to do just that; I help people out. I help the elderly and disabled bring independence to their lives.”

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